Resolve to Experience CaptureSoft eXpress in 2017

As we begin the New Year, everyone is resolving to make improvements in some way. Why not resolve to improve your efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity in 2017?

While these may seem like very difficult processes to improve, CaptureSoft eXpress is ready for your challenge. With CaptureSoft eXpress, Barcoding’s proprietary software, it’s easy to quickly create custom applications that meet all of your business needs.

If you already have the Windows version of CaptureSoft eXpress, but are looking to switch to Android devices, fear not! CaptureSoft eXpress is available for Android and can easily be switched over.

Best of all, CaptureSoft eXpress is on sale now through January 31. Simply sign up for a year subscription, and you’ll receive the first three months FREE!*

So, why wait? Make 2017 great and get CaptureSoft eXpress today!

*New Customers Only

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