eXpress Software from CaptureSoft Ideal for Data Capture

Software applications from CaptureSoft eXpress are the perfect tool for capturing data thanks to their ability and flexibility. They work on Windows OS and Android, and they will soon also be supported on iOS.

When working with Barcoding, users can access barcode labels, mobile devices and printers from one source in order to streamline processes. Case-specific hardware is recommended for printers, scanners, tablets, and mobile computers, while GoLive Services can help with kitting, configuration, and staging. Meanwhile, their StayLive Services, including RMAs, help desk, asset management and spare pool, can help keep downtime to a minimum.

Some of the mobile applications for the hospitality and retail industry include package and attendance tracking as well as solutions for dealing with shipping and receiving. When it comes to transportation mobile applications, route accounting, parking management, proof of delivery, and inspections are all possible. Manufacturing mobile applications include cycle counting, shipping and receiving, picking, field service, inventory management and tracking fixed assets.

User-Friendly and Customizable Solutions

Every eXpress application uses touch-friendly forms that work equally well with a finger or a stylus, and they also have support for capturing photos and using mark-ups and notes when needed. They can sync data to multiple repositories, including backend systems like Oracle and SQL. They are capable of collecting data from several sources, including GPS, barcode, RFID, keyboard, speech recognition and even handwriting. They can also work offline as well as online. Business rules can be added to forms to generate real-time feedback, and they offer compliance with both HIPAA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

In short, eXpress applications have endless possibilities that let all of their customers make the most of data capture rapidly and efficiently. Not only is eXpress quick to build and simple to use, but it can also be customized to meet a variety of needs.

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