IntelliTrack is the world’s leading provider of affordable, easy to use inventory management software.

Simple. Smart. Flexible.

Developer of Inventory Control Software

IntelliTrack is the world’s leading provider of affordable, easy to use inventory management software. With our innovative barcode and RFID technology, our software improves inventory accuracy, worldwide.

The Inventory, Barcode and RFID Expert

Comprehensive – By integrating barcode, RFID, batch, and WiFi data collection, our clients have come to expect cutting edge inventory solutions.

Diverse – IntelliTrack provides robust off-the-shelf software solutions for multiple industries. We offer software applications for:

Client Centered – Count on our engineers, technical support specialists and account managers to readily address the operational challenges you face every day.

Cross-Platform Compatible – IntelliTrack applications run on Microsoft Windows CE, Windows Mobile and CE .NET. Our systems also support a host of system manufacturers, including:

  • Motorola
  • Intermec
  • LXE
  • Hand Held Products
  • Unitech
  • Datalogic
  • Psion/Teklogix

Proven – After 25 years and 20,000 installations worldwide, IntelliTrack can resolve the most complex or the most tedious data management issue. The results are cost effective; the solutions are easy to apply.

IntelliTrack Quickbooks

Product Offerings

IntelliTrack Plugin for QuickBooks Creates a Powerful Inventory Management System

Integrate two powerful software applications to create one seamless inventory management system: IntelliTrackinventory software and QuickBooks accounting software.

An IntelliTrack plugin for QuickBooks allows an easy flow of information between the two systems. All the details of your inventory and financial activities are in one package for efficient end-to-end management of your inventory.

Extend the functionality of QuickBooks with a custom designed IntelliTrack plugin. Move detailed data on inventory, customers, vendors, Purchase Orders, sales orders, invoicing and payment back and forth between the two systems. You will never lose customer, product or financial information as the two applications are completely integrated.

Cloud Based Inventory Management Solutions

Tired of inventory chaos? Look to IntelliTrack Stratus smart solutions for intelligent inventory management that is much more than web based access. 

IntelliTrack Stratus state of the art software provides secure, real time data collection, storage and access anytime, anywhere. It is a collaborative cloud based inventory management service that maximizes all your resources. Mobile devices talk to one another. Employees share real time info for the best response to changes in workflow and/or product. A cloud solution grows easily with the demands of your business.


Use IntelliTrack apps to take control of your consumable inventory while on the move!

Install an IntelliTrack Windows, Android or iOS app on your mobile devices for real time tracking and managing:

  • Amount and kind of inventory received and stored
  • Inventory moves
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer and vendor information
  • Inventory across multiple sites

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